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Corporate Student Success Stories


Lee’s Story


Description: cid:8B238B89-28B8-4921-AABD-2464573D7BFF@domain.actdsltmpI wanted to follow up with you, and update you on Lee’s progress – he finished high school at Valley Christian this year! Without school choice options, there was a serious chance he would have been one of the kids who fell through the cracks, and forfeit graduation. I wanted to be sure you knew he proudly shook hands with the staff as he accepted his graduation diploma.


Some kids are blessed with being accepted into peer groups easily, and others are blessed with having a knack for academic achievement, or athletic ability. Still others are blessed with minds, which may not produce good grades, but are equally wonderful. Our child falls into the latter group, and it took patience and time for teachers to understand how to best reach/teach him. Most public school educators simply do not have the time to help every child.


Therefore, the choice to have our son at Valley was easy. The hard part for us was finding the money it took to keep this school in our scope, especially after losing funding for the Arizona Scholarship for Pupils with Disabilities. We were fortunate to have the help of the School Tuition Organizations. We also qualified for some financial aid, and have had several tax credit donations made in our son’s name.


Thank you for your time and the effort it takes to help individuals and companies to become aware of the needs of this special community.

Savannah’s Story


Savannah was born in 2005 after physician told us, three years prior, we could not have children. 

When she was 2 years of age her father passed away and simultaneously, I (her mother) became unemployed for 1 year and a half.  Although the times were bleak, her character and intelligence motivated me to search for ways for her to receive a good education.  


Savannah has been awarded with excellent achievement in Social Studies and weekly verse memorization.  She has an exceptional memory, loves math, repeatedly gets 100% in her spelling tests and has perfect attendance.  She knows sign language and loves people.  Savannah is extremely open-hearted.  I have been told Savannah’s smile is infectious which I know is true.  She carries a free-spirited smile hard to find. 


Recently, she privately asked her teacher for prayer because she does not want to change schools.  Savannah prays alongside with me and hears my burdens enough to do something more.  That tells me she has faith, potential and ambition to make a change. 


Preserving her education and character is my endeavor and her future as I seek for assistance to keep her in the same school environment that has worked to bring out her best qualities.  Your attention and consideration in this matter is whole-heartedly, very much appreciated. 


Nathan’s Story


Description: cid:8B238B89-28B8-4921-AABD-2464573D7BFF@domain.actdsltmpI am writing you to share my son's progress over the last two months. It has been nothing short of miraculous and has changed our family. Nathan attends a private school for children with developmental delays and is one of five in his class. With one teacher and two aids he receives a lot of one on one attention. He has prospered in his new loving and supportive environment at school. Since he began school, we have seen more progress in the last two months than he had in two years of public school. Nathan is starting to speak in small sentences and ask questions, something he has never done. We are finally being able to communicate with our son, he understands us and we can understand him, something that a lot of parents of typical children can take for granted. 


Donations from people like you can change the lives of children like my son Nathan and their families. My son has been given an amazing opportunity and gift and I will never be able to say thank-you enough. 


Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a corporate donor for TOPS.