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Benefits to Businesses

Arizona Private School Tax Credits for Corporations*


·         You are making a charitable donation to a nonprofit (STOs are 501 (c)(3) organizations) which will give us the ability to
      publicize your company’s generous contribution in support of Arizona’s children.
·         Your company will receive a dollar for dollar tax credit that can be realized even at the time of the Arizona tax payment.
·         You help disadvantaged children move out of unsuccessful public schools and into the school that best meets their unique needs.
·         You help displaced children who are in Arizona’s foster care program to enroll in the private school best suited to help them.
·         You help children with a variety of learning disabilities find the help they need to not only function to their fullest capacity, but to blossom to their highest potential.
·         You give families hope.
Community at Large
·         You will lead by example in providing the children of Arizona school choice opportunities.
·         Your employees will appreciate having their children’s private school aided by your company. (Your company can recommend a private school, multiple private schools, or you can allow the School Tuition Organization to award based on greatest need)
·         Your support will help grow the next generation of competent leaders. We all win when the kids win!
*Corporations eligible for this tax credit are typically “C” and "S" Corporations (those who pay Arizona corporate income tax) and Insurance Companies (those who pay a premium tax).